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SpecGL - typos

From: Lynne Rosenthal <lynne.rosenthal@nist.gov>
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 22:57:21 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: www-qa-wg@w3.org
Just finished reading SpecGL (cover to cover).  Thank you Karl and Dom for 
putting so much of your time into getting this together and published.

Since we advocate doing a quality review of the document, I hope its not 
too late to make some of these changes typos, awkward English, missing 
words, etc.

1.  Goals and Motiviation:  1st sentence
s/specifications precise/specifications that are precise/

2. About this document
replace principles with requirements in The overall objective of these 
principles and good practices is to facilitate

3. About this document  paragraph, If in a hurry.  This doesn't really make 
sense, since everyone regardless of if you are in a hurry, will start with 
the first section.  Propose rewrite
If in a hurry  just read the first section, Specifying conformance  this 
may be all you need to read in order to reach the expected outcome of 
adhering to this document, i.e., specifying conformance.

4. Structure of this document.  Last paragraph
s/has to follow the conformance section/must satisfy the conformance 
requirements in the conformance section/
s/the principles as normative/the requirements as normative/

5. 1. Specifying conformance,  1st para, last sentence

6. 1.1 A conformance clause is essential, 1st sentence
s/sanctioned by the/sanctioned by/

7. Is the heading for 1.1B there?  I'm working off line from the version 
Dom sent yesterday

8 1.2 Specify how to make conformance claims
s/proactive:/proactive./   (substitute a period for the semi-colon)

9. 2.3A  Why care, 2nd para
s/implications for the conformance/implications for conformance/

10. 2.3A Techniques #2
s/on the/in your/

11. 2.3B  What does it mean
s/precision, use/precision, and use/

12. 3.2A  Techniques 3rd bullet
s/style use/style uses/
s/defaults/weaknesses/   (defaults is the wrong word)

13. 4 Managing Variability, 2nd para

14 4.1B Technique #3
s/dependent other/dependent upon other/

15. 4.3A  Address Extensibility  (is the 4.3A Requirement there?, its not 
on my copy)
Technique #4
Remove /principles and/  -- there are only GP in the rest of this section

16. 4.3B What does it mean
s/help ensure/helps to ensure/
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