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Re: Telcon minutes (DRAFT) 20041117

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 14:24:30 -0500
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Le 17 nov. 2004, à 12:06, Dimitris Dimitriadis a écrit :
> QA Working Group Teleconference
> Wednesday, 17-Nov-2004

>     - Teleconf schedule: Conflict for Richard T. Kennedy
> Wednesday 11 AM - noon
> Weekly or bi-weekly?
> (kd) suggestion to start out with every other week, possibly change 
> later.
> (dh) suggest to meet weekly.
> resolution: meeting weekly

	+ if nothing to discuss. Cancellation of the teleconference.

>  3.) QA Framework Specifications publication
> (kd) 5 good practices: write some sample code: do you agree to remove 
> these things and add them later on if we find use cases, or not?

5 Good Practice C: Write sample code or tests.

> AI, today, karl to write prose for the examples wrt. web ontologies (5 
> good practices)
> (kd) added some legends to the graphics, put a legend to make it 
> clearer, is it ok?
> (minuter got lost in the diagram discussion, raised by david in 
> relation to dom's diagram???)

dm: (explaining a bit more his email)
kd: Discussion going to deep into details about what are modules, 
levels and profiles.

> AI, lofton to send a third bullet for 2.3.b, the example to be kept

	third bullet technique

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