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Re: Conformance to SpecGL

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 16:20:07 -0400
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So we agreed at the last QAWG teleconf, 2004-08-16, to keep the 
solution 2.

Le 14 août 2004, à 15:48, Lynne S. Rosenthal a écrit :
> We can think of how immplementations would confom to SpecGL in at 
> least 3
> ways:
> 2. To conform, satisfy all the Principles. The techniques provide a 
> way to
> do this.

Going through SpecGL.

1. Principle: Include a conformance clause.
	- We decided to do it.
	- Fill the conformance clause template.
		not done. We will see if it's necessary.
	- There is already a TOC item
	- The document is monolithic, there is no dependencies on other 

2. Good Practice: Define the specification conformance model in the 
conformance clause
	1. List DOV
		1.a Classes of Products: W3C Technical reports which are intended to 
become W3C Specifications.
		1.b There's no profiles, no modules
		There might be a level, in the sense that Principles are "MUST", 
required for conformance and Good Practices are "SHOULD", optional. 
Though it can be seen as something completely optional and only one 
level of conformance
		1.c options and extensions: I see only one option possible, which is 
a problem. There are two principles/1 GP which depends on a Good 

---> We say to be conformant, you have to implement principles, but two 
principles are dependant on a GP. How do we deal with that in the 
conformance clause.

*Good Practice: Subdivide the technology to foster implementation
	-> Principle: Indicate which subdivisions are mandatory for conformance
	-> Principle: Address subdivision conditions or constraints
	-> Good Practice: Define rules for creating profiles

There are a series of themes with principles and GP, Principles are 
mandatory, Only the section D.1 is optional.

2., 3., 4., 5. What I have just done but I can do a visual diagram 

Good Practice: Specify in the conformance clause how to distinguish 
normative from informative content.

	It means that we need to put a wording in the conformance clause 

The prose following a Principle is normative.
The prose following a Good Practice is informative
The examples and techniques are informative.

Do we need to label each principle, Saying that it's normative?

To be conformant to the Specification Guidelines WD, 2004-08-31, all 
principles have to be fulfilled, except the two principles of section 
D.1 which have to be implemented only if you meet the criteria of the 
following “Good Practice: Subdivide the technology to foster 

You can claim conformance the Specification Guidelines WD, 2004-08-31, 
using this following template, if you have strictly met the criteria 
defined in this section.

		The specification [Specification Name, Status,
		Version, Date of Publication] is conformant to
		Specification Guidelines WD, 2004-08-31.


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