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Re: [Draft] Minutes of QA WG teleconf 2003-12-18

From: Lynne Rosenthal <lynne.rosenthal@nist.gov>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 09:58:04 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>, www-qa-wg@w3.org

Number CP 1.1
Issue: Where does "beginning of the document" refers to.
Discussion: be more precise
Decision: Replace ConfReq with the TA.

Number: CP 1.2
Issue: examples or use cases or a mixture of both? within the spec or a link?
Discussion:  The intent is that any combination is allowed - we really 
mean, and/or.
"provide" is linked to its definition - allowing for inclusion within the 
spec or a link from the spec.
Decision: Change ConfReq to be "and/or".  Nothing needs to be done with 
respect to "provide".

>         Number: CP 2.2
>         Issue: Dependance on the execution 2.1

Discussion: separate from 2.1 so that if fail 2.1, can still pass 2.2

>         Decision: reword the Conformance Requirements and the test 
> assertions - s/in CP 2.1/in the specification/.  Also add a Discussion in 
> ConfReq, indicating the relationship to CP 2.1
>         Number: CP 2.3:
>         Issue: Missing the second MUST of the conformance req.
>         Decision: Reformulate the test assertion accordingly to the 
> missing MUST.  Add: List all specification categories from the list, if 
> NOT on list, identify and define your own.

>         Number: CP 2.4
>         Issue: other dimensions seems too general and might confuse people.
>         Decision: s/other dimensions/other dimensions that are 
> used/.   In TA, remove last sentence, /if the spec contains ONLY ONE ...."

         Number CP 2.4 and applicable to other CPs
         Issue: not applicability statement
         Discussion: can we remove this statement by rewriting the ConfReq, 
e.g., "If the spec addresses more than 1 COP, then..." Yes, but loses 
readability and simplicity. Could create a label, (e.g., Exceptions, 
Normative inclusions/exclusions (UAAG uses), Applicability) which would be 
included in every CP to handle exceptions - e.g., no exceptions, except if 
only 1 COP
         Decision: None yet.
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