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My objection to Patent of Internet standards

From: Scottie \ <dough_boy@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 02:59:43 -0400
To: <www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org>
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As a scholar, I must say that I need to voice an opinion to the proposal for
patents in the internet arena. In your 7 steps to W3C (previously known as
10 steps) you mention "W3C, a vendor-neutral organization, promotes
interoperability by designing and promoting open (non-proprietary) computer
languages and protocols that avoid the market fragmentation of the past."
This can only mean one thing! No one can own the right to rule this
information. Your organization was created especially for this means, to
develop standards which the world can utilize to interoperate with all
users. After all, what is the definition of non-proprietary? To own a patent
means to rule who can use the information. By patenting standards, you also
fragment the market, by disassociating those that have accepted your current
practices. I should hate to think of the time when you could send a layer
for me because I used a css that I developed according to your standards. Or
even raise the price of WYSIWYG software to the public, because of their
embedded use of such standards.
No, if the intent here is recognition, you already have that. Sure, you are
not in the lime light for the information your time and hard work have
developed, but that is expected of organizations. This is why the receive
things like tax breaks and have people donating their free time to your
cause. Even academia recognize this fact, for I am writing this post at 3am.
No, if the desire is to make money off the patents, you are a doomed
organization. The world already has the information at no charge, to charge
for it after fact, would only bring an alter organization of dedicated
loyalist. Should the issue of funds be an issue, develop a scheme to take up
donations. There are those mega software giants, script writers and the rest
of us concerned web junkies that have a dollar or two.
Certainly it is safe to say after reading the many posts regarding this
subject, patents on standards will be unacceptable to the public. Please
reconsider your need for this option and propose the true meaning behind
your needs. We, the public stand ready to assist.

Scottie Lipa
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