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Re: Tim Berners-Lee [was: SVG ad inf.]

From: Adam Warner <lists@consulting.net.nz>
Date: 07 Oct 2001 16:57:38 +1300
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
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> Theo de Raadt <deraadt@cvs.openbsd.org> wrote:
> >
> > You know, every day I see this farce go on, and Tim not respond, I am
> > astounded by the bullheaded stupid attitude that must make them not
> > realize that an immediate killing of this proposal is needed.
> I had written Tim and cc'd the list a few days ago reqeusting his stance on
> RAND in web standards, but no response has arrived to date. Perhaps there
> are obligations in the way?
> Once again, I call for Tim to address his viewpoint on this matter at the
> earliest.
> Regards
> Jason Antony

Here is some interesting trivia. Tim Berners-Lee is a founder of Curl


"The founders of Curl Corporation were twelve members of the MIT
community, with a technical team led by Stephen A. Ward, an
internationally recognized computer scientist; Michael L. Dertouzos,
Director of the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science; and Timothy
Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web and Director of the W3C."

As their front page states "curl(tm) internet infrastructure".

And the technology:


"At the heart of Curl technology is a new content language that was
designed especially for use on the Web. The Curl(tm) content language
integrates mark-up functionality, scripting functionality, and a
object-oriented programming language methodology all within one
environment. The Curl content language can be used with existing Web
technologies, such as HTML, CGI and JavaScript, and multimedia animation
tools; it can also be used in place of them."

It's better than our patchwork Web:

"First, through the creation of rich Web content. Curl technology offers
a cohesive, all-encompassing Web development technology that addresses
the problems of Internet development as a whole - not as a patchwork of
technologies that weren't designed (or sometimes even intended) to work
with each other."

What's wrong with our WWW?


"Although the World Wide Web has fulfilled the promise of enabling
applications to access data across the world, it does so at a high cost
to users, content and application developers, and content distributors."


"Curl technology can work either with or in place of existing Web
technologies, such as HTML, cgi-bin scripts and multimedia tools."


"Why does the world need another way to write, send and view data on the
Web? To fulfill the unrealized promise of Internet communication. To
provide users with fast, interactive, visually interesting, cool


"[O]ur Internet infrastructure software makes this happen. It is the
next step in the evolution of communication."

And check out this white paper release from curl corp on 28 September


"The Web today has debilitating usability problems stemming from 30-year
old technology that desperately needs replacing. New technology and new
paradigms will move us beyond this primitive Web and begin to deliver on
the Web's true potential. Curl Corporation provides a new technology
that promises to drive this transition."


Even Linux and Apple support will be available some day:

"In the near future, Curl Corporation products will support operating
systems, such as Apple® Macintosh® and Linux..."

You can download the technology into your browser here:


"The Surge software platform and plug-in are currently for Microsoft®
Windows® platforms only - Macintosh® and Linux coming soon!"

But we wouldn't be complete without checking out the license agreement:


"You are entitled to use this Software, free of charge, only for the
display, processing, development, or use of Non-Commercial Content and
Licensed Commercial Content, and may not sell or transfer reproductions
of the Software or Documentation to other parties in any way, without
express written permission from Curl. You may use one copy of the
Software on a single terminal connected to a single computer. You may
not network the Software or otherwise use it on more than one computer
or computer terminal at the same time. This license does not entitle You
to receive from Curl hard-copy documentation, technical support,
telephone assistance, or any patches, updates, upgrades, modifications,
or enhancements to the Software or the Documentation."

Let's hope they don't save us from our "primitive Web." Otherwise the
free Web is dead.

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