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Comment on The Patenting Info

From: Keith Vick <keith_v@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 00:58:58 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <20011006075858.23665.qmail@web11602.mail.yahoo.com>
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Dear W3 Consortium, et. al.,

I want you to know I am trying to control my emotions right now. I also
want you to know I have been a memeber of the Netizen community since
well before there was a browswer.

I received an email from EFF about this stuff. After years of
neglecting EFF bulletins i realize i need to get involved again.

WISHES for new "enabling patented technologies." i don't care how good
you think it is for me or what is. i don't want it!!!

i don't want it! i hate it! i don't care if it will make my computer
talk to me, wash my dishes or pick up girls for me! i don't want any
more privitization of the internet. NO MORE!!!


do you want to do something for me? get serious about web browswer
standards and forcing guys like IE to actually do it. get concerned
about monopolies on browsers and lack of competition. get serious about
the increasing threats that we face NOT FROM HACKERS, but from things
like Echelon and Carnivore. no, i don't think anyone is snooping my
email! but i don't want them doing it to my neighbor and i don't want
them doing it to me in some distant future.

i know you guys don't have much to do with that. but the problems is
that you guys are just drifting. so is the IETF. so are all these
groups that are "supposed" to be representing the larger community. if
you guys keep this up, then we NetCitizens may soon be approaching the
time of the great NetCitizen Rebellion! if you can't do the job for us,
then maybe we need to take control of the protocols and standards again
and get them back on target!

the Internet is just going down the tubes to privitazation and becoming
corporate property. this whole patenting of web technologies is just
one more small step for banality, not my surfability.

if it comes down to a choice between your new fancy-pants technologies
and HTML 1.1, then i choose the later. 

if you want to contribute something useful, then do it for free and
give it to the whole Net community. otherwise get of the NET and stop
bothering us.

want to do something really useful? work with Congress to make SPAM
email illegal. that will help my "NET EXPERIENCE" a lot more than
you're phony-baloney proprietary bull.

do you see where I am coming from? i don't need you to do me any
favors. please, don't do me any more favors like "standards bodies"
have been doing over the last few years. because you're doing a really
lousy job already.

sorry for the rant, but i have had it up to here! get real. get on the
ball. do something for Nettizens for a change.


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