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Do you listen to the people?

From: Jenny Ashman <weazeldotcom@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 10:53:48 -0400
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Message-ID: <F52TvTcKqs44QrqQNtD00014531@hotmail.com>
So let's see- we will next be charged for our time on the web- hmmm- the 
companies will patent holders of technology. Now the web will not be a bed 
of innovations. It will now be a "commercial property". This reminds me of 
the pharmaceutical companies making patents on genes. Just breathing and 
using those genes in your own body could constitute patent infringement.
The success of the web has always been PEOPLE. PEOPLE started it, people 
used it. It developed with the knowledge and assistance of PEOPLE. PEOPLE 
and general usage decides where the web goes, not companies. Everyday, I 
decide what technologies to use for myself. I do not want the commercial 
companies to TELL me what technology I can and cannot use.
Just like natural selection, the new programs are written by PEOPLE who have 
the CHOICE to make their technology FREE or PATENT. The better technology 
will prevail, whether FREE OR PATENT.
We as PEOPLE are TIRED of the web becoming commercial. The advertisements 
jammed down our throats is becoming tiring. If I would have to PAY (not only 
my ISP) but other companies to use the web, I would STOP using it. I would 
pay to use the web IF----ONLY IF!!!! I would NEVER be subjected to another 
advertisement, no pop-unders, no pop-overs, spyware would disappear, spam 
would completely disappear, banner ads would be banished, and all 
commercialism would completely disappear. Since you are considering making 
us pay for all technologies, I believe that advertising would EXPLODE! I 
would probably have to watch an hour-long "commercial" program just to sign 
on to the web.
Access to the web- by poor people would be cut off- by people putting up 
their "family" site would be cut off- by people who write programs for fun 
would be cut off. The web would shrink to the size of commercial sites only. 
If that is the case, no one would WANT to go on the web, and commercialism 
would also collapse.
Do NOT rule in favor of this patent. It will DESTROY the web. Not right 
away, but it WILL destroy it.
Jennifer Ashman

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