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the meta-tags..

From: Christian Voelker <christian.voelker@freenet-ag.de>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:36:31 +0100
To: www-p3p-policy@w3.org

Im really curious on that a bit.
For me, using meta-tags for testing
did not work. We generally have
apaches in place here and they
dont read the files they serve
before sending them to the brow-

I dunno whether it is possible
to configure Apache to do that.
The sentence "some servers will
scan HTML content" is somewhat 
vague to say the least. An example 
to play with would be really useful
(in the way "use Apache with xyz_

I append a very small test-project
that I built a week ago. Unhappily
I used german language in coding 
(blame on me), but the idea is
pretty straightforward: One frame-
document with four frames. Two
frames are filled with lokal files,
each of them setting a very short-
time cookie (to facilitate testing),
one of them in advance, one of them
after the line with the metatag.

The cookies display an alert, so you
can see what is happening.
The other two frames are the same
but they come frome a remote machine
addressed through IP number and thus
considered "third party". I expected
only the "remote_before.html (means
cookie before P3P-Header) to be re-
jected, but both remote cookies are

I dont know whether this machine is
visible outside our firewall but just
try visiting:


and you might see what Im talking
about or modify files and set up the
stuff in your place.

If anybody could explain whats wrong
with this example - where my thoughts
go wrong - would be great.

Thanks and Bye, Christian

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