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Implementing P3P policy for on-line surveys.

From: Olga Veksler <Olga.Veksler@foreseeresults.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 16:14:32 -0500
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Our company is conducting surveys for different web sites.  Our surveys are usually presented on our clients' web sites as pop-up windows.   Surveys are dynamically generated and are not stored as files.  We are trying to make the surveys p3p compliant.  We think that we can implement p3p policy by placing an embedded link tag on our surveys.  The problem is that we collect different types of information depending on the customer.  So for different customers we would like to implement different policies.  I understand that we can create as many policies as we want, but should there be only one reference file?  In the embedded link we are supposed to reference our policy reference file then how would I specify which policy to use.   

Please advise on how to implement p3p for our on-line surveys. 

Thank you,

Olga Veksler


Olga Veksler

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