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Re: [MathML3-last-call] mathvariant

From: Sam Dooley <sam@integretechpub.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 11:51:21 -0700
Message-Id: <200911201852.nAKIqk4x029584@parzival.integretechpub.com>
To: www-math@w3.org
Resolved with improved wording for sections 3.2.2 and 7.5.

/w3ccvs/WWW/Math/Group/spec/xml/character-set.xml,v  <--  character-set.xml
new revision: 1.106; previous revision: 1.105

Details below.


Changed the text in sections 3.2.2 and 7.5 that describes mathvariant
to be more inclusive of other combinations, including bold italic dotless
i/j and Greek digammas, without mandating which combinations a renderer
should visually distinguish.

Changed the text to be more specific about when certain combinations
of character data and mathvariant values are equivalent to assigned
Unicode code points that encode mathematical alphanumeric symbols.

Section 7.5 has been fixed to enumerate the characters that represent
holes in the plane 1 alphabetic sequences.

In principle, any mathvariant value may be used with any character
data to define a specific symbolic token.  In practice, only certain
combinations of character data and mathvariant values will be visually
distinguished by a given renderer.

The references in section 7.5 to Unicode 3.1 have been changed to ensure
that the definition of mathvariant does not depend on a specific version
of Unicode.

At 08:51 AM 10/13/2009, Sam Dooley wrote:
>Partially resolved with improved wording for section 3.2.2.
>new revision: 1.281; previous revision: 1.280
>Section 7.5 still needs updating to track changes in section 3.2.2.
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