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Re: Directional derivative in content MathML?

From: Robert Miner <RobertM@dessci.com>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 15:27:28 -0500
Message-Id: <200305202027.h4KKRS524483@wisdom.geomtech.com>
To: brentmh@ece.rice.edu
CC: www-math@w3.org, lizzardg@rice.edu


> Is there an accepted notation for marking up directional (ie. vector) 
> derivatives (http://mathworld.wolfram.com/DirectionalDerivative.html) in 
> content MathML?  My first inclination was to use the <gradient> tag, but 
> that's not quite correct since it's really the dot product of the 
> gradient and the unit direction vector.  Is the <diff/> tag appropriate 
> here?  How would I specify the directional vector?  A <bvar> perhaps?

Unfortunately, I think not.  This is right on the edge of where
content MathML stops. Sorry.


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