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Re: newbie question...

From: Rashid Khan <rashid_khan@zu.ac.ae>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 08:08:31 +0400
Message-Id: <sf545010.038@FSD1G1D>
To: <www-lib@w3.org>, <snelson100@yahoo.com>

Thanks for the reply and you were right. I got found the wwwsys.h
file....added it in the path and the error is now gone, but right after,
it's missing regex.h. This time I can't seem to locate that file
anywhere on my system. 

There must be a better way to do this.....am I missing files? I
downloaded the full distribution from the website....


>>> shane <snelson100@yahoo.com> 9/1/2003 8:06:15 PM >>>

I had many problems when I installed on msvc6.0.  I dididn write down
what all
I had to do but the general processes is this:

Find the missing file, wwwwwsys, use the Windows XP find function to do
Now just add this location to the include file path in msmsvc0.  To do
select tools, options, click the directories tab.  Now make sure the
directories for"  dropdown is showing "include files".  Select the
empty space
at the bottom and add the new directory there.  

Also, make sure you are using the "Batch Build" option to build the
(It's under the tools menu option).

You'll probably have more errors like this one, and some others as
well.  Good
luck :)


--- Rashid Khan <rashid_khan@zu.ac.ae> wrote:
> Hello:
> I am trying to install the libwww on Windows XP with MSVC 6.0. I
> to be getting an error indicating that wwwsys.h file is missing. I
> some messages in the mailing list archives on this.....but were a
> too complicated for me to understand :-( It mentioned CVS check-out
> newer Make files. I am not familiar with CVS.....is there an easier
> to get to the stage to compile?
> Can someone just guide me through what I need to do (exactly) in
> to proceed.
> Thanks.
> -Rashid.

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