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RE: Does Libwww incorporates SSL by default ?????

From: Arora Meenakshi <marora@redcreek.com>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 12:31:13 -0700
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To: "'olga@eai.com'" <olga@eai.com>
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thanx for the response....
actually , i want to clarify something about https:// too...
Currently , i am passing the url to my server as http://myserver//page
& getting the valid response. 
If i try the same url with https://myserver//page 
i don't get the data in return .
pls. note that in my code :
    HTProfile_newPreemptiveClient((LPCTSTR)AfxGetAppName(), VERSION);
    HTProtocol_add("https", "buffered_tcp", 443, YES, HTLoadHTTP, NULL);
	HTChunk* chunk = HTLoadToChunk(absolute_url, m_pRequest);
i did added the https protocol(as otherwise it gives me unrecognised
protocol error) .... so am i still missing something in my code or there
could be some problem in my server too......


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Usage of ssl is tranparent. If you try to GET https://... then ssl transport
used. So you do not have to do a special setup for that. If you can GET a
document from a secure server then it works.


On 17-May-00 Arora Meenakshi wrote:
> hello 
> i am a bit confused whether Libwww supports SSL in itself by default,  or
> i need to specifically specify the security flag to Libwww. If so ,
> how?????? Actually , i wish to talk to a secure netscape server via SSL ,
> now no doubt , i am getting valid responses from the server using Libwww ,
> but no wehere in my code did i specify that the security flags should be
> so i am a bit confused whether things really r exactly working the way i
> want them to...... i know i am asking a very basic question but i am very
> new to this field so please suggest me if anyone has any idea.....
> thanx
> meenakshi
> Meenakshi Arora
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> Red Creek Communications.
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