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RE: Should we commit the configure script?

From: Vladimir Kozlov <Vladimir.Kozlov@idm.ru>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 13:00:33 +0400
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To: jose.kahan@w3.org, kinuko@tom.sfc.keio.ac.jp
Cc: www-lib@w3.org
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It will be helpful - currently I have strange difficulties with
libtool-1.2. It seems that it could not find 'ld' path during
configure. When I replace this part of 'configure' with the same from
libtool-1.3 it works, but make says:

make: *** No rule to make target `libtool.m4', needed by
`acinclude.m4'.  Stop.

It seems that it is rather difficult to set-up the whole necessary
environment in Cygnus B20.1 to build libwww (at least for me :) )

So, I think it will help. To be honest currently I'm trying to build
the libwww for Cygnus to put another set of precompiled binaries.
Yesterday I've succesfully build the libwww from CVS using MSVC5.0
(with very small modifications in project - I will be ready to send
this new set of project files in a while if it is interesting).

Kind regards,


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> Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 12:46 PM
> To: kinuko@tom.sfc.keio.ac.jp
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> Subject: Should we commit the configure script?
> Hello,
> I've noticed in the past that depending on the platform, people may
> have problems to create the configure script out from the
> configure.in files.   
> One solution to this problem would be to also commit the configure
> script to the CVS base. If someone wants to build it himself, he'll
> be able to do it too.  
> What do you think?
> -Jose
> In our previous episode, Kinuko Yasuda said:
> > 
> > 
> > Hi Vladimir, 
> > 
> > I had the same problem in my FreeBSD environment.
> > How about using libtool-1.2 instead of libtool-1.3?
> > 
> > I guess the libwww does not support libtool-1.3 or later...
> > In my case, I succeeded in bootstrapping process after
> > I downgraded libtool to V1.2.

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