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Porting libwww to an RTOS

From: Neil Stewart <nstewart@cadence.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 16:16:01 +0000
Message-ID: <36FBB2C1.3215051B@cadence.com>
To: libwww Mailing List <www-lib@w3.org>

Part of a project I am currently working on requires
communication with a web server (very basic - just download files
from supplied URLs and do any MIME decoding necessary). The
application is running under the pSOS real-time operating system,
and as far as I can see the two options available to me are to
either purchase the standard pSOS HTTP client or write my own. As
this is a small internal project, writing my own is the preferred
solution (it's also easier to port to other RTOSs such as

I'd rather not write something from scratch, especially as libwww
is available. So, my main question is - has anyone else on the
list done anything like this before? Given the short timescales
on this project (2 months), is this a reasonable target? (We
don't need production-quality code - just something that'll hang
together for demonstration purposes!)

I've read through a lot of the web-based documentation and have
some rough ideas about to go about this task (start with the
Utilities library, move on to the Core, then do any other modules
I need). However, I'm not sure how these sections of libwww
relate to the actual source files. Has anyone got any tips or
pointers to documents?

I _have_ only just started on this task, but I'd rather have the
answer to (some of) these questions now so I can make an informed
decision whether to go ahead and write my own code or look at
purchasing something.

Thanks a lot,


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