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Replacing Resources in place (was Re:How to add UserDirs in a generic manner ?)

From: Anselm Baird-Smith <abaird@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 09:28:17 +0500
Message-Id: <9609041328.AA06143@www18.w3.org>
To: alex@access.com.au (Alexandre Rafalovitch)
Cc: www-jigsaw@w3.org
Alexandre Rafalovitch writes:
 > At 4:40 PM 3/9/96, Anselm Baird-Smith wrote:
 > >Hi Christian,
 > >
 > >This is not part of std Jigsaw, but it could probably be added as a
 > >new resource. The problem is how to access the password file from
 > >Java...
 > >
 > >One way of dealing with it would be to have a generic user directory,
 > >to which you add the user-name. Most systems are configured to have
 > >users home directory in, say, /users/foo.
 > >
 > >The new (subclass of directory resource), would act as a
 > >PassDirectory: when getting /~joe, it would either:
 > That would require replacing the root DirectoryResource with a different
 > Resource. Currently, there is no way to do that without deleting the whole
 > structure (well, there is but it is a bug that will be fixed...).

As far as I know, you can replace the root resource with something
else. That's how the proxy works (it uses its own root resource). If I
did intriduce that confusion, or if I am wrong , let me know. The way
to do it is to use the property editor, and to replace the root
resource's name with the resource you want to be the root (this is the
w3c.jigsaw.root.name property, in config/httpd.props, which you can
also change manually, as a matter of fact, but this will require a
start/stop cycle).

Oops, I know understand your point sorry, it's true that if you use
the above mean to change the root resource, then as a side effect, the
whole site will be reindexed :-(

Also, this would be a specific resource, that could either be plugged
on the root of the server, but also say as the child of the root,
named "users", for example.

 > So, the question is: would it be possible to replace a resource with a
 > child resource 'in place' without removing and rebuilding the content? Eg.
 > If I wanted to replace root DirectoryResource with
 > TildaTakingDirectoryResource, I would just be able to replace it and would
 > not have to rebuild the content of the site.
 > I guess it should be easier to do with new model .jigidx files, because it
 > uses associative arrays, but is it possible at all?

It is not possible, but it would probably be usefull if two directory
resources could share the same resource store. That should be doable I

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