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*some* questions

From: Viktor <viktor@irisz.hu>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 22:08:58 +0200
Message-ID: <01BB9AAD.AD5CCB20@moon.universe>
To: "'www-jigsaw@w3.org'" <www-jigsaw@w3.org>
I started to play with Jigsaw about two weeks ago, and started writing some resources (like a HTMLResource, which gets the title into the title-atrribute, a FolderResource, which creates frames with content and page, and uses the title attribute, if it's exist, etc...), or hacking the original (this I don't do so much, because on my platform there isn't a port of CVS, and what what will I do when the next release comes?)

I spended some night discovering the source, and most of my questions answered, but there is still some on my list. Here they are:

- There is a date problem in DirectoryResource. I've made some debugging, and found that there is 2 hours differency among the 3 dates it uses (ims, list_stamp, lastModified), and it's probably a problem with GMT and local time (I'm in +01 zone, and there is DST). I didn't go further, just commented out this part in my FolderResource for now. Do you know something about?

- A platform-specific problem: NT has a case-storing, but case-insesitive lookup file-system. This leads to the following situation: you have a file /foo, and you make lookup for /FOO, /Foo and /foo, then you will have 3 resources in that container, which isn't very healthy. Possible solutions:

	- change the indexer to be case in-sensitive,
	- change file.Exist to be case-sensitive,
	- live with this.

A specific case is when you have FOO.HTML, which isn't indexed at all.
What do you think about?

- What intention is behind not to index files which has no matching extensions? There is lot of files in my repository, like README, foo.gram, html.dtd and so on, which I can't even see like this. I'm sure I will change this, and index these files as 'UnknownFileResource', having text/plain content-type, so probably this is just not a question, but what's your opinion?

- This is more a Java question: could I implement something like dynamic class unload and load, not having to stop/start the server after recompiling  a resource?

- I'm not sure if I should care about being a method synchronized, and if yes, when? Is it possible that while I'm generating the Reply to a Request, some other thread makes a confusion?

- I found something like small bug in LookupState.parseURI:

	is_directory = (uri.charAt(urilen-1) == '/') ;

Like this an URI like /foo/bar/?listing isn't a directory, so it wasn't looked up. I wrote a new ParseURI.

- Some problem will be solved by the next release, like store the resources in simple ascii files. This would be a great help, because I'm not the thoughtful kind of programer, so often would change the attribute-list, and have to delete all .jigidx files, which makes impossible to store config-info for now (like index-file for a specific directory). But the next release will be in october, and I can't wait, so probably I will make an OtherSimpleResourceStore, and then I could run perl-scripts on the ascii files, when neccesery... I know ascii-file lookup isn't so efficient, but it's not yet a question.. and it could be a property of the server ("configurable" mode and "efficient" mode)

So probably it's (more than) enough for now. I hope soon I can present some well-tested, useful resources, as I would like to see other's.

Thanks for answering this (if you do... :).


p.s.: does anyone knows a port of CVS for NT? It would be enough a local version for now... I've looked around, but didn't find.
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