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Use of charset name CNS11643

From: Andrea Vine <avine@eng.sun.com>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 13:46:29 -0700
To: I18n Prog List <i18n-prog@yahoogroups.com>, "WWW Int'l list" <www-international@w3.org>
Message-id: <3B2139A5.FC01CEC9@eng.sun.com>
I received a question which is quite difficult to answer.  I'd like to preface
this with a few statements so as to avoid unrelated info:

1.  I know that CNS11643 is a coded character set (CCS) from the Taiwan gov't
standards body.
2.  I know that a CCS is not the same thing as a character encoding scheme

3.  I use the term "charset" to refer to the name of a particular combination of
CCS and CES, for example, the charset EUC-TW.

Given that, has anyone seen the name "CNS11643" being used for EUC-TW, say, in
an HTML document meta tag, an HTTP header, or an email header?  Since neither
name is official, has anyone seen the name "EUC-TW"  used in such situations? 
Does anyone know if various browser versions generate or understand these 2
names?  How about mail clients?

Is anyone actively working on registering the charset names EUC-TW or EUC-CN
with IANA?

Thanks for any information,
Andrea Vine
iPlanet i18n architect
Received on Friday, 8 June 2001 16:47:42 UTC

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