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Re: Why <FONT FACE> is bad for i18n

From: Gary Adams - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS <gra@zeppo.East.Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 11:51:33 -0500
Message-Id: <199702051651.LAA00905@zeppo.East.Sun.COM>
To: bert@w3.org, www-international@w3.org
Raising the bar ...

# From: Bert Bos <bert@w3.org>
# Subject: Re: Why <FONT FACE> is bad for i18n
# When we designed CSS1, we took care to deal with the issue of font and
# document encodings. An application that uses CSS1 can no longer use font
# changes to make text masquerade as being in a different script than it
# really is.
# Of course, W3C cannot enforce anything. But CSS1 is a W3C Recommendation
# and we have good hopes that Web tool makers will create CSS1 compliant
# products.

The web is not about enforcement, but about enabling technology (done
right, where possible). I think it would be a good idea to extend
character and font recommendations to high end solutions as well as 
the lowest common denominators. (Word processing and database vendors
have a lot more to offer than just static HTML/CSS pages.)

e.g.		Low end 	Middle 		High End	

Semantic	HTML		XML		SGML

Presentation	CSS		DSSSL-o		DSSSL

The upcoming efforts in Aural CSS will make this point even clearer
when attempts are made to make HTML "machine readable" and as high
end interactive applications attempt to interact with users in speech
based dialog environments.


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