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Re: Heuristics

From: <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 12:14:46 +0100
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To: Rick Jelliffe <ricko@topologi.com>
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Hi Rick,

I take it that your other mail:
is a Last Call comment, but I'm not sure about this mail,
even though you addressed it to www-i18n-comments.  It looks
more like a contribution to a discussion, suited to, for
example, w3c-i18n-ig.  Please clarify.  If I don't hear from
you, I'll assume that it is *not* a Last Call comment.


On 13/07/2002 07:54:04 Rick Jelliffe wrote:
> From: "Martin Duerst" <duerst@w3.org>
> > We think that the Appendix of XML 1.0 does not give heuristics,
> > in that no two implementations will interpret a document as
> > being encoded in different encodings. (there may of course
> > be differences in what encodings the two implementations accept).
> And, more than that, if there are encodings uncovered or developed
> which cannot be fitted into the XML Appendix F mechanism, they are
> unsuitable for being used for any public XML.
> (I should say "any public XML that is distributed
> using a protocol which may not reliably provide the correct overriding".
> HTTP can provide an overriding encoding, but because HTTP
> is unreliable in this regard in practise, just "any public XML" is
> adequate.")
> Cheers
> Rick jelliffe

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