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HTML 4.02 : minor bug fix and update

From: VK <schools_ring@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2006 13:49:06 +0000
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           Summary: HTML 4.02 : iframe and wrap bug fix

Dear Sirs,

It is urgently needed to fix two old bugs in HTML schemas:

1. IFRAME element needs to be added to HTML Strict. Currently
even fully conformant web-sites have to use HTML Loose or cheat
on validator, because IFRAME is an integral part of too many
solutions. I guess the Transitional phase is well passed :-),
it's time for Strict. If the transition did not 
come to the exact point you wanted, it is bad but nothing can
be done.
<OBJECT> replacement did not work out because of too many
security implications.

2. WRAP attribute for TEXTAREA has to be added to all schemas
or at least to HTML Strict. It was originally excluded by
mistake as it was thought that CSS can be used instead. It can
not because this attribute defines *form submission
behavior* (with or without line breaks in the text) and cannot
be replaced by CSS rules.

Currently these two bugs are too evident and they putting in a 
difficult position even the best of your followers among
browser producers. To not look ridicilous they are forced to
skip on these errors in their own validators.

Please let know if HTML 4.02 Strict (with these two bugs fixed)
can be expected any soon.

Thank you in advance.

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