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RE: [newsml] Labels

From: Paul Harman <paul.harman@pa.press.net>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 13:37:11 +0000
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From: Misha Wolf [mailto:misha.wolf@reuters.com]
> Ah ... I didn't mean markup of changes.  I meant an explanation, 
> eg "Karl Marx is on the left of the photo, not the right" and so on, 
> with line- or para-breaks to separate out logical chunks of info.

I think I see... and you'd want to do this in a single element, rather than
repeated <change> elements with one for each modification?

Or do you mean that the label would look something like this:

<caption>Karl Marx (here pictured on the <change reason="Karl Marx is on the
left of the photo, not the right">left</change>) is doing something
interesting in this photo</caption>

>> Perhaps the <byline> element could carry an idref,
>> referring to the Duid (or similar) of a <person> element in the
>> AdministrativeMetadata...? But that wouldn't work very well 
>> for items with multiple authors... :*(
> I went through the same thought process.

It could be made to work if the idref was to a 'collection' element with
multiple child <person> elements...


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