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RE: [newsml] Labels

From: Misha Wolf <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 12:38:52 +0000
To: newsml@yahoogroups.com
Cc: www-html@w3.org
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I keep coming back to the idea of putting the plain-text version in 
an attribute, eg:

<label mode="rich" text="Something or other with no markup">
    Something or other with markup

This wouldn't add much bloat.

It is, of course, a total no-no from an I18N PoV as I18N, in the 
general case, needs markup, eg for direction change, language 
change, and ruby.  On the other hand, those who don't want markup 
presumably don't care about these issues :-)

If that got a thumbs down, another option would be something like:

<label mode="rich">
  <plain>Something or other with no markup</plain>
  <rich>Something or other with markup</rich>

Re the content approach, our main use of markup is in (1) the 
headline (by which I mean the headline that is outside the content, 
not a headline embedded in textual content) and (2) in a newsline 
that explains why a correction has been issued and what the changes 
are.  Both of these need to be outside the content.

There is also the question of the byline: We haven't decided how to 
handle it, but want to show email and IM addresses.  Both of these 
should use markup.  Now one way of doing this is to refer from the 
byline to a Person topic-item (once we have such things), but that 
reference itself requires markup.

Misha Wolf
Standards Manager
Product and Platform Architecture Group

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From: Misha Wolf [mailto:misha.wolf@reuters.com]
> I do believe that I made absolutely clear that I have no objection 
> to newslines/labels with no markup for those who want to use them, 
> so long as those of us who need some markup can have newslines/
> labels with basic markup.

Yes, you did. There's no easy or clean solution to that, though. I don't
like the idea of duplicating newslines so there's a plain text and a
up version... NewsML is bloated enough as it is };*)

What did you think of Jo's suggestion: that marked-up "newslines" aren't
actually newslines but content (presumably either the main content or an
associated 'newscomponent' thereof)? Presumably you have already
that. I suppose the disadvantage of pushing this back into the content
that it becomes content-specific, rather than living at the generic
media-neutral level in NewsML.

> I also stated quite clearly that I would 
> be perfectly content for the processing of markup in newlines/labels 
> to be optional (in NewsML 1.x it is, of course, mandatory).

But it can't be optional, can it: if it's permitted, then consumers of
NewsML need to know how to ignore markup they don't want or can't


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