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RE: [newsml] Labels

From: Misha Wolf <Misha.Wolf@reuters.com>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 13:29:44 +0000
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Paul Harman wrote:

> > Re the content approach, our main use of markup is in (1) the 
> > headline (by which I mean the headline that is outside the content, 
> > not a headline embedded in textual content) and (2) in a newsline 
> > that explains why a correction has been issued and what the changes 
> > are.  Both of these need to be outside the content.
> Regarding 2, I see what you mean: being able to mark up the 
> changes in an
> editorial notes field could be very useful. I think that's a 
> generic enough
> requirement though to be pushed out of Newslines and into some other
> (arguably more appropriate) area, though... ISTR NewsMLv1 having a
> "Comments" field precisely for this type of information.

Ah ... I didn't mean markup of changes.  I meant an explanation, 
eg "Karl Marx is on the left of the photo, not the right" and so on, 
with line- or para-breaks to separate out logical chunks of info.

> > There is also the question of the byline: We haven't decided how to 
> > handle it, but want to show email and IM addresses.  Both of these 
> > should use markup.  Now one way of doing this is to refer from the 
> > byline to a Person topic-item (once we have such things), but that 
> > reference itself requires markup.
> This comes back to something I was thinking about earlier and 
> perhaps failed
> to adequately convey. Perhaps the <byline> element could 
> carry an idref,
> referring to the Duid (or similar) of a <person> element in the
> AdministrativeMetadata...? But that wouldn't work very well 
> for items with
> multiple authors... :*(

I went through the same thought process.

> 	Paul

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