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Re[2]: OL needs the start attribute

From: Milen Dyankov <mdyankov@netbiuro.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:22:17 +0200
Message-ID: <1516655660.20021017122217@netbiuro.com>
To: www-html@w3.org

RB> Some list do not even have completely numeric "numbering". German laws,
RB> for instance, are often numbered like this:
RB>    Article 1
RB>    Article 2
RB>    Article 3
RB>    Article 3a
RB>    Article 4
RB>    ...
RB> Note that article 3a is *not* part of article 3 in this example. Both
RB> live on the same level.

I know this is quite often used in other languages as well.

RB> 3a was merely added later.

Which made me think in terms of INS and DEL.

<ol start="1" lang="language">
    <ins_li date="dd" after="3" reorder="no"> Item 3a </ins_li>
    <del_li date="dd" at="2" reason="" reorder="no" />
    <li> Item 1 </li>
    <li> Item 2 </li>
    <li> Item 3 </li>
    <li> Item 4 </li>

could be language specific and produce output like:

1.  Item 1
2.  ------
3.  Item 3
3a. Item 3a
4.  Item 4


   <ins_li date="dd" after="3" reorder="yes"> Item 3a </ins_li>
   <del_li date="dd" at="2" reason="" reorder="yes" />

could result in:

1.  Item 1
2.  Item 3
3.  Item 3a
4.  Item 4

The "date" attribute could be used to specify in what order to apply changes.

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