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Re: My comments on the XHTML 2 draft.

From: Toby Inkster <tobyink@goddamn.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 16:49:42 +0100
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <20020824164942.28306b91.tobyink@goddamn.co.uk>
On Sat, 24 Aug 2002 23:11:55 +1000
Lachlan Cannon <luminosity@members.evolt.org> wrote:

| I don't agree. Either keep the h1-h6 elements or lose them completely 
| and go with just plain <h> with section nesting showing important.

I suggest the level attribute mainly as a means of transition. <h1> to <h6> could then be deprecated in XHTML 2.0, and in the next version of XHTML, <h1> to <h6> could be dropped, with the level attribute being deprecated. 

| I think it should just be removed altogether. <em><em> should not be 
| used... it seems stupid, IMO. You're either emphasising or you're not. 
| You don't emphasise an emphasis.

  <line>The following rule is important:</line>
  <line><em>You should <em>never</em> nest the EM element!</em></line>

Some things are more emphasised than others. :-)

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