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Re: Off topic; Re: Dropdown Menu Trouble

From: Francis X. Speiser Jr. <webmaster@cablevision-boston.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 16:18:44 -0500
Message-ID: <38A9C2B4.DF00EA98@ma.cablevision.com>
To: WWW-HTML <www-html@w3.org>


> You are doing several things wrong:
> 1. This is off topic for this list.

I respectfully disagree. The question asked might be a little bit novice
with regards to the usability of HTML, but you did answer it, and your
asnwer was correct so I'd have to say that this probably was a good place to
ask that question. As for off topic, why? The guy asked for help witrh HTML
and why it wasn't working,  it wasn't like he tried to sell you a trip to
Tahiti or something.

I think it was a valid question for this list. And you answered it. Don't
tell a person their question is off-topic for the list, and then answer the
question on this list.

> 2. Your <form> has no action attributed defined. This is invalid HTML.
> Most browsers will submit the form to the same URL as where the form is.
> (If this is what you want, which is perfectly legitimate,
> write the URL properly: <form action="URL goes here">)

This is the only part of the message that you really needed to post.

> 3. Both frames and drop down menus of links
> reduce usability. Use a normal site with
> normal links.

A decent portion of the posts to this list since I brought it up, somehow
convey the real need to have the functionality of frames. Instead of telling
it how it needs to be, maybe we should listen to the people that actually
develop web sites. The Reverend Bob was correct when he said that a majority
of frames are used wrong, but even that guy ( a real stickler, and very
knowledgeable for any newbies on the list) notes that we could use them in
some capacity.

Stuff like this really irks me. And I have always respected your opinion,
but when you say people post off topic, list-wide, be sure that they are
asking a ridiculous question. I would really like to remind everyone out
there that (and I'm even a programmer) we are developing these languages as
much for people to talk to people through computers, as we are for computers
to talk to computers, so lighten up. The last time I made a post where
someone tried to get "Mr. Big HTML Balls" on us, I got about 50 people
wiritng me to thank me for standing up to the evil king. I should say that
Mr. Dagan is just about always correct and his posts are knowledgeable and
concise, but I don't see any reason to discourage questions. Just my
opinion, though.

Also, so this message has some kind of value, I would agree with John Grant
in his last post when he says:

"It would be nice if div
had a float over frame feature ;)"

That would be truly nice. How about it, W3C guys? Does anyone know if that
would be covered by applet or object?

Thanks and Best Wishes,

> Regards,
> Nir.
> At 11:54 AM 2/15/00 -0800, John Bergsing wrote:
> >I'm trying to create a dropdown menu for navigational purposes within a
> >frames site. The menu is located on my contents page and I want it to
> >open the different pages in the "main" frame. (It's self explanitory
> >when you see the site...) Here is the URL:
> >
> >http://home.inreach.com/jaberg66/
> >
> >What am I doing wrong?
> >
> >Thanks, John
> >
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> Brown University
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