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Re: XHTML Case Poll is online

From: Morten Wang <warnckew@online.no>
Date: 02 Mar 1999 10:06:35 +0000
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-ID: <wk1zj8jjdg.fsf@online.no>
* Dmitry Beransky
| Considering these figures, I say that the problem of upper 
| case vs lower case is non-existent...

I've always considered the matter a question of what your preferred
application does, not what you prefer viewing.  if the standard says
lower case, do case-conversion upon opening/saving.  HomeSite already
has tag-case-conversion built in (all lower/all upper).  shouldn't be
_that_ hard to write applications that do it upon opening/closing of
files either, and give the users the option in their setup.

that's my .02, and it'll be all for now.


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