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Re: Caching Problems

From: Walter Ian Kaye <walter@natural-innovations.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:29:34 -0700
Message-Id: <v03130312b230226b39d0@[]>
To: www-html@w3.org
At 4:01p -0700 09/23/98, Sael Gh. Zumot wrote:
>Hello Everyone:
>I am developing an Intranet system and facing some difficulties with
>caching the pages.
>If I am calling a page retrieving data from the database, it gets it
>from the cache.
>I used the following two tags at the head part of each page and still
>the problem is there:
><meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache">
><meta HTTP-EQUIV="Cache-Control" CONTENT="no-cache">
>Can anybody help or suggest where shall I go, I am lost in this

The cache referred to in these tags is not the local cache on the user's
computer, but rather any proxy cache. You might consider (yeah I know
it's distasteful) putting a little note on your auto-generated pages
suggesting that the user force-reload the page for the most current
information. (On the Mac, I think both Nav and IE, hold down the Option
key while clicking the Reload button; I don't know the key for Windows
or UNIX...)

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