Re: HTML4.0 draft: comments re: inclusio

Chapman, Hass (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 08:49 +0200

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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 08:49 +0200
From: (Chapman, Hass)
Subject: Re: HTML4.0 draft: comments re: inclusio

>From: Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet

>The problem is more that the *methods* used to create "good looking"
>websites suck. This, combined with the apparent willingness of most
>authors to use these crappy extensions to get something that looks
>decent in an otherwise boring browser, is what gets out the "holier-than-
>thou" attitude. There *are* good solutions to this, but they're not
>implemented, and 'designers' who feel happy with using the half-baked
>solutions are primarily responsible for keeping the situation as it
>is now.

Anyone who expects the web to become standardised anytime soon is just=20
kidding themselves. It's too new a technology, there's still alot of=20
development to be done. Market forces will force those who create=20
web-browsers to add more and more features. Added to this will be the=20
increasing number of plug-ins available for those browsers offering=20
enhancements not possible with pure HTML. That's not including the=20
increasing number of scripting features!
This is GOOD. It offers more functionality to the user/publisher.=20
Increasingly we will see; "you need plug-in X to view this page", or "this=20
page is best viewed in browser X". Whether or not we like it - this WILL=20
happen, as the public demand additional features faster than the standards=20
can supply them and Java allows programmers to create plug-ins that are=20
platform independent. Increasing bandwidth will allow us to download these=20
plug-ins at an acceptable speed.
To say that web authors should limit themselves to only those features=20
available in the HTML standards, and supported by minority browsers, when=20
over 90% of web users have either IE3.x or Netscape3.x or higher, and an=20
increasing number have both, is just ludicrous! This is an industry where=20
the customers and the manufacturers are the driving force and the=20
standard-makers play catch-up.
Good web design is good web design, yes browser independence is a=20
consideration, but it is not the ONLY consideration.

Beware, the plug-ins are coming!


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