Re: Suggestion: transient windows in html 4 or 5

Jeni Tennison (jft@Psychology.Nottingham.AC.UK)
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:28:38 +0000

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Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 09:28:38 +0000
From: Jeni Tennison <jft@Psychology.Nottingham.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: Suggestion: transient windows in html 4 or 5

At 20:41 +0000 26/11/97, Jordan Reiter wrote:
>=7FJ. DeBert felt an urge to reveal at 12:16 PM -0800 on 11/26/97:
>> I think I've seen such windows. But they seem to be "too transient".
>> The ones I've run across only appear when a mouse pointer is over a
>> certain point within a document and cannot be nailed down. Seems also
>> that they are not dynamic.
>> I have seen them with Nav3.01. (Can't use 4, since it is no longer
>> being produced for my platform. IE will never be produced for my
>> platform.)
>What platform is that?

I'm sure I've seen transient windows in Netscape 4 for unix, when the mouse
is over loaded images, which display the alt text of the image.  'Course I
can't run it at the moment to check.


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