List of changes in Nov.7 draft from Sept. 17 version

Brian Wilson (
Thu, 13 Nov 1997 13:00:13 -0800

Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 13:00:13 -0800
From: Brian Wilson <>
Subject: List of changes in Nov.7 draft from Sept. 17 version

I have been going over the new Nov. 7 HTML 4.0 loose draft DTD 
to compare it to the Sept. 17th loose DTD. I couldn't find any 
sort of discrete list of changes already posted, so I thought I 
would compile one... I probably missed a few things, but these 
are the major items of note:

   - ACRONYM element changed to ABBR
   - OPTGROUP element added

   - DIV and SPAN greatly expanded: Now carry CHARSET, TYPE, 
     HREF, HREFLANG, TARGET, REL, REV and MEDIA attributes
   - A and LINK now use TYPE, and HREFLANG attributes
   - AREA now accepts ONFOCUS and ONBLUR attributes
   - OBJECT now accepts an EXPORT attribute
   - LABEL deletes the DISABLED attribute 
   - OPTGROUP adds two attributes: DISABLED and LABEL
   - OPTION adds the LABEL attribute wrt OPTGROUP functionality
   - TABLE removes the COLS attribute
   - COL changes SPAN attribute to REPEAT (I believe it is the 
     same - haven't checked)
   - TH|TD adds HEADERS and SCOPE attributes and deletes AXES
   - FRAME and IFRAME both add the LONGDESC attribute
   - FRAMESET, FRAME and IFRAME expand common attributes 
     to %coreattrs 
   - SCRIPT adds CHARSET and DEFER attributes

Behavioral/DTD syntax:
   - Imported Names section greatly expanded
   - %block changed to %flow
   - All content models using %flow now accept empty contents: 
     (%block)+ becomes (%flow)*
   - Placement of INS|DEL definition shifted significantly 
     within DTD (was there a reason for this?)


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