Re[2]: Auto-Generated HTML and Authoring Tools

Terje Norderhaug (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 23:16:40 -0700

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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 23:16:40 -0700
From: (Terje Norderhaug)
Subject: Re[2]: Auto-Generated HTML and Authoring Tools

At 8:44 PM 1/29/97, Mark Gaither wrote:
>Paul Prescod <> wrote:
>> HTML is a language based on SGML, a meta-language. SGML can define
>> an infinite number of different languages, including HTML plus your
>> funny extra data types. There are several HTML extensions defined
>> this way. There are several WYSIWYGish tools that can work with the
>> documents in this way (SoftQuad Author/Editor, Emacs PSGML, InContext
>> 2, Arbortext AdeptEditor, etc.).
>> Despite the fact that this has always been the case and that people
>> are doing this now, you might be interested to know that a subset
>> of SGML (a simpler subset) is being standardized by the W3C so
>> there may one day be even more choice of editors and tools. In the
>> meantime, though, the SGML tools do an excellent job.
>        My experience might prove helpful in this thread. I've developed
>        a DTD which incorporates HTML 3.2 (Wilbur) with Htmlscript, Corp.'s
>        new Jyve language. Jyve includes HTML 32. plus Htmlscript extensions.
>        (see
>        What does this mean? It means that SoftQuad's Author/Editor and
>        HotMetal can be used to edit an Htmlscript template. This template
>        contains traditional HTML plus the Htmlscript extensions. The
>        addition of Htmlscript extensions to the HTML 3.2 spec results
>        in the Jyve language. The template is interpreted by Htmlscripts
>        language interpreter.
>        Why did this happen? Htmlscript figured out (with a lot of prodding
>        from WebTechs and from very large and successful SGML software
>        plus a myriad of Htmlscript users) that it would actually be benficial
>        to their users. These users are heavy users of already deployed and
>        understood tools such as Author/Editor, Arbor Text, and DynaText.

HtmlScript is very far from from aherance to SGML philosphy, in contrast to
what is stated in their press releases. "Command" tags such as <HIDE> <IF>
and for assignments <LET> should be clear examples of how it conflict with
the philosphy of descriptive markup of SGML. This and the many other tools
based on command tags are a step backwards, whether they can be described
with a DTD or not.

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