Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

Sue Jordan (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:00:07 -0500

Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:00:07 -0500
From: Sue Jordan <>
Subject: Re: Comments on HTMl 4 draft (9/Nov/1997)

Neil St.Laurent wrote:
> What's missing with STRONG and EM is that it isn't always the desire
> to make the text appear stronger or more emphasized, but indeed all
> you want to do is make it appear different than the rest.

I would respond that 'appear' triggers an automatic CSS bell
in my mind.

  At the
> same time you'd have to argue that we need a WEAK and DEEM to
> indicate text that is to be under emphasized or weaker.

Now that you mention it, I could support an element <WEAK>
that would lessen both emphasis and strength.  Footnotes
would seem a logical example of the potential usage of such
an element.
> Consider a simple tagline attached to a paragraph. <I>For More Info
> Go Here</I>
> I can easily argue that it shouldn't be strong, nor should it be
> emphasized, but that it most certainly should be set apart from the
> rest of the paragraph.

Were I to use the tagline you write above, I would have
enclosed it in <A HREF...>, effectively 'setting it apart'
from the rest of the paragraph, anyway.  Have you another

Sue Jordan