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12 Aug 1997 21:05:47 +0100

Date: 12 Aug 1997 21:05:47 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: JUSTIFY

   ..that subject makes this sound semi-religious :-)...

Self-justification? Justification by works of supererogation?

   perhaps it is because i haven't gotten to it....
   but it seems that there is still no place in the new specs, HTML or CSS,
   for a justifying element or tag.  we can align right left and center, but i
   run into so many places where the ability to justify would be quite
   handy--like in a blockquote, or text in columns or tables, etc.

   have i missed it, or is it just not there? if it isn't, should it be?

No, it's not there, because HTML 3.2 and 4 document and codify
existing practice, not future use.

What you're looking for is <p align="justify">, right? And <div
align="justify">? Do browsers support these?