Re: Using your own DTD (was Re: %flow and headers and address)

Peter Flynn (
01 Oct 1996 01:58:15 +0100

Date: 01 Oct 1996 01:58:15 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: Using your own DTD (was Re: %flow and headers and address)
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   If you guys decide to go off and rebuild the world outside of W3C, you
   should at least consider what you're doing as a/the possible proposal you'd
   submit to the IETF in reopening an HTML working group. Then the product of
   what you're working on would actually become (theoretically, at least) a
   recognized standard. Hey, and you might get participation by a lot of
   people willing to provide valuable feedback (such as Earl).

A nice idea, but I've no desire to rebuild the world or set up a
competing standard. I just want a DTD that works, and that lets me
both build Web sites that can use recent added functionality but which
can also be used sensibly in conformant systems.

Tiny example: I want <cite type="..."> so that I can do citations;
<dfn type="..."> so I can do indexes. Most of my text is in some other
breed of SGML, but I want to be able to gear it down to HTML for
specific applications and still have it usable.

I believe this would be well outside the scope of an IETF WG, which is
seeking running code (rough consensus I can live with :-)