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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:29:59 -0700

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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 17:29:59 -0700
From: Walter Ian Kaye <>
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At 2:36p +0200 09/25/96, Chris Lilley wrote:
>On Sep 23,  2:43am, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>> Currently, HTML is unusable as a means of
>> transmitting source code; other content types must be used instead.
>Why, what is wrong with the <code> and <pre> tags? I have seens a substantial
>amount of source code in various languages embeddd in HTML documents, and the
>pre element appeared to be quite sufficient for this.

But not pretty-printed source code.

>The only thing that appears to be missing and which might, after
>discussion, be
>advisible is preservation of multiple spaces inside code elements. Thety are
>already preserved inside pre elements.

Yes, yes, yes -- the non-inline nature of <pre> is a serious drawback.

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