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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:47:54 -0700

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Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:47:54 -0700
From: Walter Ian Kaye <>
Subject: Re: The Final Word On HTML

At 11:50a -0500 09/25/96, Jason O'Brien wrote:

>HTML should advance into other areas of
>multimedia, eventually eliminating a lot of the need for plug-ins

Assuming this would actually save on disk space, it would be a good idea.
However, if it results in the browser growing larger to use up the same
amount of disk space as the plugins it would replace, then nothing would
really be gained (and choices would be lost).

>I have also seen people criticize only programming for the Netscape and
>Microsoft environments -- Netscape controls about 80% of the browser
>market, Microsoft is second -- why not develop for these two?

I develop with both Netscape and *Lynx* in mind -- I figure most browsers
fall between these two (current CSS implementations and lack thereof
notwithstanding), so if my pages come out okay in Lynx, I'm satisfied.

>Yes, the textual aspects of the Internet will always be there

Yep, and despite the fact that I love using Navigator 3.0 to *surf* the
Web, I always use Lynx when I want to just run and grab a software update
from somewhere specific. My PowerPC computer runs Nav3 just peachy, and
I love the Macintosh GUI (and abhor DOS), but when I'm in a hurry I dial
into my ISP shell account and use Lynx. It will never go out of style!

Fote: Ever see FoxPro/DOS? Simulated GUI in character mode. My wish list
is for a Lynx which works like that... ;) Ask Microsoft to send you a demo...

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