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Once upon a time Lanny A Fowler shaped the electrons to say...
>This is going to sound Crazy to all you great programers but a am a
>juinior in high school and taking BASIC programing, and i am wondering if
>i can write web pages in BASIC language ??  If not Can you think of an

Web pages are written in HTML - that is the nature of the web.

You could write *CGI* applications that generate HTML in BASIC - in fact
many people are using VISUAL BASIC to do this on MS systems.

>reason to even Learn basic ??

Do you plan to do programming of any sort later on?  Perl?  C?  Etc?

Learn BASIC.  Basic is a simple language that contains much of the 
programming logic that will developing a foundation for later learning.
Even better is True BASIC if you can use it - it is more C like than 
Basic, yet is simpler than C and doesn't let you screw up in as many
spectacular ways.

I started out with Atari BASIC, went to True Basic, then C and C++ and 
then Perl.  But the fundamental logical building blocks are the same at
the core.

Now, I also worked with Scheme/Lisp - that gave me migraines. I just couldn't
bend my mind around the structure of that language - it clicked in 
retrospect.  I also did some 80x86 assembly - and again, the same logic
structures applied, only at a finer level.

>I think that windows and dos are MUCH SUpior !
>You know what i mean ??

Not at all - DOS is a joke, Windows is only slightly less of a joke.
WinNT is a half-hearted attempt to be serious that I'll grudgingly admit
is ok for some things.

Wait until you are out in the world and get to work on powerful systems like

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