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Sunil Mishra (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 18:22:52 -0400 (EDT)

Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 18:22:52 -0400 (EDT)
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From: Sunil Mishra <>
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Subject: Re: Fw: end tags...

\\ | But, I use a browser as a validator!  I try anyway... but MSIE
\\ doesn't
\\ | always tell ya much ...  I use a notepad like editor, typing tags
\\ | directly, and them rely on MSIE showing me whether its any good or
\\ | not... a browser that would show errors to me would be a major plus,
\\ | but like you said, its got to be non obtrusive, in that what may
\\ appear
\\ | to be an error for one browser maybe what makes it compatible with
\\ | another older browser... (like my placing <P>'s infront of tables for
\\ | older LYNX)...

Not a good idea, never use a browser as a validator. Using a browser is
only good for testing appearance *on that browser*. Given that no one has a
clue as to what might read their page, using a real validator such as the
one at is a much better bet.

\\ | Well, in trying to write a parser I am saying the parser has all the
\\ | rules..., it knows when an end tag is fully optional versus when it
\\ is
\\ | only remotely optional...  I guess that by optional you are meaning
\\ | that I never have to use it if I don't want...  I don't take this
\\ | option definition that far... look at the definition for <LI>... I
\\ | don't even think they use the word optional, I think it said "is not
\\ | needed at all", versus that of <P> which states optional...

There are no levels of optionality. Everything is equally optional and
equally required.

You may choose to write your parser differently, but that has nothing to do
with HTML.

\\ | (That and I have yet to run into a browser that did need the closing
\\ | tags for <LI>, I have ran into many that needed them for <P>, MSIE
\\ | being one of them)
\\ | I am away from the spec at the moment, but on tables, isn't the
\\ closing
\\ | tags of <TD> and <TR> optional ... so why does netscape crash a
\\ windows
\\ | system when their not used?
\\ |  :(
\\ | 
\\ | oh well...

Then it's broken. That doesn't mean you should ignore MSIE users or
Netscape users. (I am not confirming what you have said about the DTD, I'm
not sure.)