Re: Reading DTD's

Paul Prescod (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 12:51:25 -0400

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Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 12:51:25 -0400
From: Paul Prescod <>
Subject: Re: Reading DTD's

At 08:16 AM 9/22/96 -0700, Alan Thomson wrote:
>Hi All,
>I would like to learn how to read the DTDs. Can someone point me to a good ref?

Learning to read DTDs is an excellent idea. You can't really understand the
HTML standard without understanding the DTD because much of it is described
ONLY in the DTD.

Although a full study would take some time, understanding the DTD features
used in SGML can be done fairly simply. Here's a good URL: (it's a text file)

At one point, Microstar ( had a free product for
visualizing DTDs called Near and Far Lite, but it seems to have ceased to
exist in a product reorganization shuffle.

 Paul Prescod