Re: Proposal: New Anchor attributes

Dave Hollander (
Fri, 31 May 1996 08:49:21 -0600

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Subject: Re: Proposal: New Anchor attributes 
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Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 08:49:21 -0600
From: Dave Hollander <>

There are several things we should look at if we are to look at the
resource identification issues around links.  Just a few are:
  1) The ability to identify the URL the content owner would like agents 
	to remember a node by.  As was discussed in detail last year, 
	the base tag is not adequate for this purpose.
  2) The ability to have complex (non-simple CDATA) alternatives for links
  3) The ability discussed in this chain to identify multiple 
	alternate resources for a link.
Most are covered in Murray Maloney's draft which does not seem to have been 
discussed much (am I monitoring the wrong lists?).

As to Ian's specific suggestion to have the mlink part of the head: YES.
As part of response to a HEAD request, a user agent would know what 
alternatives are available to access the resource. Very useful, especially
for those of us who are facing the reliability issues of the "web".

Dave Hollander