Re: Tables and the HTML 3.2 DTD

Joe English (
Thu, 30 May 1996 16:11:53 PDT

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Subject: Re: Tables and the HTML 3.2 DTD
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Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 16:11:53 PDT
From: Joe English <> (Martin Gleeson) wrote:
>    I've just noticed that many of the Table examples for the HTML 3.2 DTD
> (which were also given as examples for HTML 3.0) won't validate with the 3.2
> DTD. Specifically, the example (the first example in RFC 1942):
> [...]

The RFC 1942 DTD solves this problem (achieving compatibility with
the HTML 3 <TABLE BORDER> notation and Netscape's <TABLE BORDER="###">
notation) by making 'BORDER' one of the allowable values for the
_FRAME_ attribute:

<!ENTITY % Frame "(void|above|below|hsides|lhs|rhs|vsides|box|border)">
<!--                                                          ^^^^^^ -->
<!ATTLIST table                    -- table element --
        <!-- ... -->
        border  CDATA    #IMPLIED  -- controls frame width around --
                                   -- table --
        frame   %Frame;  #IMPLIED  -- which parts of table frame to --
                                   -- include --
        <!-- ... -->

The only difference is that in HTML 3, <TABLE BORDER> was
shorthand for <TABLE BORDER=BORDER> whereas in RFC1942 it's
shorthand for <TABLE FRAME=BORDER>.

> [...]
> is illegal according to the DTD, as the BORDER attribute must have a value
> (according to the DTD). (The attribute is optional, the value is not). I thin
> this can be fixed by adding a default value for the attribute to the DTD.

It doesn't quite work that way...

In attribute minimization (e.g., <TABLE BORDER>) it's the attribute
_name_ which is omitted, not the _value_.  The usual convention for
boolean-valued attributes in HTML has been to use the attribute name
as the (sole) allowable token in the declared value:

    <!ATTLIST bar
            FOO     (FOO)   #IMPLIED

This has lead to some confusion...  this is what's really going on:

         vvvvv this part can be omitted under certain circumstances
    <BAR FOO = FOO>
             ^^^^^ NOT this part

--Joe English