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> Quite a lot of the time I use <math> to embed expressions which include
> mathematical symbols (greek letters mainly) in text, rather than whole
> equations, and it is possible to imagine wanting these expressions to
> be anchors. However if there was another way of presenting these symbols
> then maybe <math> could be some kind of plug-in. However plug-ins have
> to plug in to an awful lot of stuff. Its still a lot of work, just for
> different people. I worry that if <math> is a plug-in it will be less
> likely to be available for minority platforms (like my Acorn for
> example).


 I just wanted to point out a Netscape Navigator Plug-in from IBM that may be 
of interest to you and certainly pertains to the current thread. 


 This plug-in allows for TeX (as well as some extensions) to be seamlessly
embedded in an HTML document. It appears that the current aim is to allow for
a so called "intelligent math object" that could be dragged and dropped into
a consenting math application (spread sheets, symbolic or numeric computation 
engines, and so on). This transfer of a mathematical expression implies that 
the exact semantics of such expressions must be preserved. Currently the 
OpenMath effort could fill such a void.





The description follows:

IBM's techexplorer Hypermedia Browser* dynamically formats and
displays expressions and documents containing mathematical,
technical, and scientific markup.

techexplorer is a Netscape Navigator** plug-in that processes a large
subset of TEX/LATEX,** the flexible, concise and pervasive markup
language used for publishing in education, mathematics and many
of the sciences.

Tuned for on-screen readability, techexplorer provides many
end-user options for formatting and customization. Because it
formats on the fly, techexplorer source documents are small -- often
just one-fourth the size of documents in so-called portable
formats -- and may get to you faster.

techexplorer can help authors and publishers rapidly and effectively
extend the commercial reach of their articles, books and journals via the

And coming soon ... use the "intelligent object" and drag and drop
features of techexplorer to transfer mathematical expressions into
your favorite spreadsheets and math applications.