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Fri, 10 May 1996 02:36:26 -0700 (PDT)

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Subject: Re: <math>, <fig>, ... (fwd)
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 02:36:26 -0700 (PDT)
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Once upon a time shaped the electrons to say...
>I don t see ANY reason to eliminate these HTML-features.

Why do I get thie feeling you didn't read my first reply?

<MATH> is *not* dead - you just *do not* put tags that are not ready in
an official DTD like 3.2.  You *must* understand that '3.0' was purely
experimental and 3.2 is not.

<FIG> on the other hand is dead - because <OBJECT> is *better*.  Why
would you want to cripple yourself with a weaker tag?  Let it die and
move on to the future.

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