Re: Opening multiple frames

Paul Derbyshire (ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
2 May 1996 01:37:14 GMT

From: ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Paul Derbyshire)
Subject: Re: Opening multiple frames
Date: 2 May 1996 01:37:14 GMT
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Boleslaw   Mynarski ( writes:
> Hi there,
> I know it's possible to open (or should I rather say change) the content in more 
> than one frame at a time.  However,  do I have to write a cgi script or there is 
> some kind of a tag that does it?
> Bolek,
> See you on the NET!
Let's say your FRAMESET loads a document into a frame called FRAME1 and
another into a frame named FRAME2.
The document in FRAME1 can change the document in FRAME2 to new.html like

<a href=new.html TARGET=FRAME2>
When this anchor is clicked the new.html is loaded into the frame named

Also, if the user exits the frame-using area and tries to go back to the
main page the problem may arise where the whole thing ends up in the frame
still! Same with links off-site, until you have frames in frames ad
infinitum. Thus when leaving the frame-based area, get rid of the nav
palette or whatever by loading the new document not into the frame but
over all the frames like this:

<a href= target=_parent>Link Off
Site</a>                                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Note the underscore.

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