The LINK tag and NCSA Mosaic??

Chris Josephes (
Fri, 8 Mar 1996 21:00:58 -0600 (CST)

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 21:00:58 -0600 (CST)
From: Chris Josephes <>
Subject: The LINK tag and NCSA Mosaic??
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What's this about the LINK tag being used to implement a button bar?  
Does this have to do with the w3 version of LINK, or is this more suited 
to the WebRouser version of the tag.

I read about WebRouser's work with applications within pages in an old 
issue of Dr. Dobbs, but I can't find it anymore.  But it did use a tag 
called LINK which was to be used within a GROUP tag container, and I 
beleive it was designed to put additional control buttons at the top of 
the window.  (That Dr. Dobb's issue was about 4 months old and the cover 
story was on web development).

I suppose I could see a specil button for a link to a stylesheet since 
stylesheets are supposed to be optional, but how would that work for an 
external banner?

BTW, I've been reading this list in digest form with Pine.  Does anyone 
else doing it this way know of a good/easy way to follow up to a message and 
still be able to include a portion of the message (the reply command only 
mentions the attachments in the header, and dosn't write them in the body).

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