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> >Has the whole math effort died?
> =

> Nope. See:
> =


Nothing interesting or new there...

> =

> > I seem to remember that we were promised =3D
> >results, and at least an idea of a timetable by 1st july.
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> I don't recall such a timetable. Does anyone know where
> this came from?

I saw it first in www-html Digest V92 #102 - which I now have found out w=
as in =

part a direct copy of where it s=

"A working draft with greater details on each element will be available f=
or =

review shortly. The expected release
date is July 1. "

On closer reading this page doesn't explicitly mention math, but it's get=
ting =

to be about time!

> =

> >
> >
> >is dated  1996/03/14 ...
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> >I have a *lot* of work to be done which I have been forced to postpone=
> >cause =3D
> >'they' nuked the 3.0 standard :-(
> =

> Nobody 'nuked' anything. It was just a case of lack of a critical
> mass of resources to get the spec finished _and_ the code deployed.
> Again, please see the HTML Activity statement.

see comment above...

> =

> By the way: one of the places resources were lacking was in the HTML
> working group of the IETF. The IETF is an all-volunteer
> organization. So there was no 'they'. There were only folks who were
> doing the work, and folks sitting on the side, not doing the work.
> =

> >There are quite a few of us out here waiting for the standard.
> =

> Is it really a standard you want, or some software that supports
> math functionality?

First and foremost I want the STANDARD!!! Then, when thats established, I=
 want =

software (anything that runs on Unix/Linux, and, of course, Netscape) tha=
t =

supports the standard. If I only wanted "software that supports math =

functionality" then I could have stayed with Arena, or done a number of o=
ther =

stupid things that ensured that I was the only one that could read my web=

pages... (They're in Norwegian already, so I feel no need to decrease my =

potential audience any further ;-)

I ***DON'T*** want plug-ins, inline gifs or what-have-you. latex2html doe=
s =

that job more than well enough (sorry Ping, but your stuff is useless to =
me =

because of this, as far as I could see).

HTML3.0 worked just fine for my purposes, except that noone supported it =
in =

the end; I didn't quite understand what people had against it.

It is *very* frustrating to have to sit and wait aroud so long for a stan=
dard =

I have no real influence on. Could we at least have some dates? Will my =

grandchildren be able to code math directly in html?;-(

I just hope the end-product uses some experience from LaTeX, which every =

mathematician knows is the only sensible way to write mathematics. <fear>=
Or =

does MS's membership in W3C mean that we'll get something based on <yuck>=

Word</yuck>?</fear> =

Whilst I'm at it, why not just add a new tag or two:
<latex><text>here I can write all the math I want...<text>\int^\alpha_\be=
ta =

\sin x dx</latex>?

> =

> Dan
> =

What I really want to know is: will we have something soon (ie. a math =

standard and support from 'most' browsers) or should I start my own =

alternative to the W3C, which, after all, functions far from ideally from=
 my =

point of view?

-- =

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