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>Has the whole math effort died?

Nope. See:

> I seem to remember that we were promised =
>results, and at least an idea of a timetable by 1st july.

I don't recall such a timetable. Does anyone know where
this came from?

>is dated  1996/03/14 ...

>I have a *lot* of work to be done which I have been forced to postpone be=
>cause =
>'they' nuked the 3.0 standard :-(

Nobody 'nuked' anything. It was just a case of lack of a critical
mass of resources to get the spec finished _and_ the code deployed.
Again, please see the HTML Activity statement.

By the way: one of the places resources were lacking was in the HTML
working group of the IETF. The IETF is an all-volunteer
organization. So there was no 'they'. There were only folks who were
doing the work, and folks sitting on the side, not doing the work.

>There are quite a few of us out here waiting for the standard.

Is it really a standard you want, or some software that supports
math functionality?